Horgoška mlevena paprika

Horgos paprika

Famous Horgos paprika is unique in quality and fineness of milling, chemical and bacteriological purity.

Horgoški začin

Horgos spice

"Horgos spice" is a mix of spices you can always rely on. By quality it is among the best in its category.

Menta čaj

Mint tea

"Mint tea has a specific, very aromatic and refreshing taste and smell.

Alas - dodatak za riblju čorbu

Alas - seasoning for fish soup

ALAS is the ideal blend of selected spices and vegetables making the taste of fish soup full and rich.


POH! - batter mix for meat

POH! is a mixture for making batter for meat. It is the unique product in the market. It is being produced with 4 different flavors.

Horgoška posna supa

Horgos meatless soup

Meatless soup with vegetables and pasta.


230 years of tradition

VITAMIN in Horgos is a reputable manufacturer of the famous Horgos paprika. Our production technology is based on more than 230 years old tradition, for which Horgos, a village in the north of Backa, has became synonymous with the finest sorts of pepper and paprika.


POH! - New product

POH! is a mixture for making batter for chicken meat – our new product, unique in the market. Four different flavors are available: garlic, spicy, cheese-flavored and ham-flavored. Coated chicken meat is ready to be baked in an owen. Easy, quick and crunchy!

Horgoški začin

The process of redesigning packagings of our products is in progress. Packages for paprika, various kinds of pudding and Horgos spice are already redesigned, and new designs for other products are being created as we speak. We strive to create:

  • A new, modern packaging design
  • Tailored to customer requirements
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Strategy for competing in new markets

VITAMIN’S product range includes over a 100 kinds of products, among which the most important are – paprika, paprika oleoresin, “Horgos spice” seasoning, various blends of tea, cream, pudding, instant ice-based desserts, and additives for meat processing industry…

The capacity of our production facilities allow us to:

  • produce 1500 tons of paprika,
  • fill 50 million of tea bags with the finest blends of tea,
  • pack 10 million packages of various spices for households,
  • produce spice mixtures for 10 000 tons of meat products, and
  • produce seeds to grow peppers for seasoning on 2,000 ha of land.

Prehrambena industrija "Vitamin" d.o.o

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  • Horgoški začin
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Prehrambena industrija "Vitamin" d.o.o
Segedinski put br. 43
24410 Horgoš