1919 - The first mill specialized for grounding peppers "The first Horgos mill Aleksandar Vas” was founded, consisting of only 4 pairs of millstones and a low steam Locomobile motor.

1929 – The Trade and Industrial Chamber at Novi Sad invited two of the Horgos manufacturers of paprika to exhibit their products: "The First Horgos mill Aleksandar Vas” and "Denes brothers paprika mill”.

1947 - A company named "Industry for grinding and processing paprika, Horgos" was founded. The construction of the building for processing paprika starts.

1956 – The company's Workers' council decided on a new name of the company – VITAMIN.

1964 – Production of mild and hot paprika oleoresin (extract) begun.

1966 - As a result of intense, but several years long efforts of selectionists, the Federal Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry in Belgrade decided to issue a Decision on the recognition of new cultivars of industrially produced paprika named "Horgos mild-1" (HS-1). This was the first new variety of paprika in Yugoslavia>

1970 – Start of a new production line – packing some of the most popular tea blends.

1971 - Recognition of a new cultivar "Breaking mild – 1" (OS-1), the first cultivar for  industrial production of paprika, with a stable feature of the light separation of stems from fruits – suitable for mechanized harvesting of industrially produced paprika.

1972 - Recognition of a new cultivar "Horgos mild – 2" (HS-2).

1973 - Recognition of a new cultivar "Horgos mild" (HSX-3), a strongly featured separation property and resistance to viral diseases.

1980 - Introduction of modern type of dryers "Proctor".

1985 - Recognition of hot pepper cultivars, named "Sand thunder" (PG) and "Tisa".

1990 - Purchase of a roto fluid granulator enabled the production of a significant range of granular products (paprika, onion... up to instant cocoa beverage "IN”).

2005 - Certification and implementation of ISO 9001/2000 i HACCP quality management system.

2013A new milling plant with a set of new equipment, based on the traditional way of grinding paprika by millstones began operations.


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