Horgos Spice

Horgoški začin

"HORGOS SPICE" is a mix of spices you can always rely on.

"HORGOS SPICE" is among the best in its category by its quality. It is an ideal seasoning for all kinds of dishes, produced by our own recipe, rich in carrots, parsnip, parsley, onion and other spices.

Bar code PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Packaging (weight) Unit of measure Pcs Shelf Life (months)
8600284102814 Horgos Spice 250 g Pcs 30 24
8600284102821 Horgos Spice 500 g Pcs 16 24
8600284102838 Horgos Spice 1000 g Pcs 8 24
Vitamin Horgoš
Prehrambena industrija "Vitamin" d.o.o
Segedinski put br. 43
24410 Horgoš